How to Work a GE Profile Convection Microwave

The GE Profile Convection Microwave is available in countertop, over the range, and built-in styles.

These ovens are designed with several cooking and heating options, and push button controls. These microwaves use both microwave and convection power to cook food quickly and efficiently; you can adjust the power levels, program the oven for heating different types of food, and use the removable oven rack to cook large quantities of food at once.

Enable the one-touch cooking controls. One-touch buttons on the control panel allow you to choose the type of food you are cooking, reheating or defrosting so that the microwave sets the timer on its own. This allows for easy and efficient cooking or heating of items.

Use the control dial. If you want to adjust the time and temperature of a certain food, rotate the control dial to the left or right to adjust the time and temperature. When you have made your selection, push the dial in to confirm, then push the START/PAUSE button.

Use the removable oven rack. If you want to cook or heat different types of food or several dishes at once, slide the oven rack into the oven to stack plates or dishes.

Heat beverages and popcorn automatically. The GE Microwave oven is equipped with a Sensor cooking system that allows you to heat beverages and popcorn with an "Instant-On" feature. Place these items into the oven and select the appropriate button from the control panel for easy heating.

Use the Express Cook feature. You can cook foods in 30-second blocks with the Express feature. Press the "Express" button to heat the food at a power level of 10 for 30 seconds. You can add an extra 30 seconds of cooking time by pressing the "Express" button again.

Use the Auto Defrost feature. Reference the GE food Conversion Guide to determine the weight of food in pounds. Place the meat or item to defrost in a microwave-safe dish, and press the DEFROST button twice. Turn the dial to the food weight you have calculated in pounds, and press START/PAUSE to start defrosting. The oven will tell you when to turn the food over by displaying TURN FOOD OVER.

Use the Cook feature. Remove the metal shelf from the oven and place foods such as meats, fish and vegetables in a microwave-safe container with a lid to start the cooking process. Press COOK, then select the type of food using the dial. Push START/PAUSE to begin cooking.


  • Opening the door while cooking will stop the heating process; you will need to press START/PAUSE to resume cooking.


  • Wait at least five minutes after defrosting meat, and 30 minutes after defrosting large roasts so that the foods can settle. Foods that require adding ingredients during cooking, or foods that must be cooked uncovered, should not be heated with the COOK feature; use the TIME COOK feature for these items instead.

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