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How to Cook With Advantium

Athena Hessong

The Advantium is a new type of oven that cooks much faster than a conventional oven, but the food remains moist. This is accomplished by heating with halogen lamps in addition to a microwave option. There are two models, which differ in their cooking times; you will need to look on the front of your oven to determine if you have an Advantium 120 or 240.

How to use SPEEDCOOK

  1. Place your food in a single layer onto the black metal tray included with the oven for oven cooking. Use the white ceramic tray for microwave applications. You can also use an oven- and microwave-safe dish. Place the dish or tray directly on top of the turntable.

  2. Put the food in the oven, close the door, and press the SPEEDCOOK button. Turn the dial to select the type of food you are cooking and push in the dial to enter the category. Use the reference charts in the resource section based upon your oven model to choose the right category and food by turning the dial and pressing it in once more to select.

  3. Choose the desired level of doneness for your dish by turning the dial and pressing it in to select. Push the dial again or the START button to begin the SPEEDCOOK option.

How to use the OVEN/BAKE option

  1. Preheat the oven by pressing the OVEN/BAKE button and turning the dial to set the oven temperature. Press the START/PAUSE button to preheat.

  2. Wait for the oven to prompt you to put the food into the oven after it has preheated. Put the food in either an oven-safe dish or directly onto the black metal tray into the oven. Set the cooking time and press the START/PAUSE button to begin timing the cooking.

  3. Wait for the alarm to sound on the oven, signaling that the food is finished. Carefully remove the food using potholders.

How to use the MICROWAVE setting

  1. Place the food in a circular pattern either on a microwave-safe dish on the turntable or directly onto the ceramic white tray included with the microwave placed on the turntable.

  2. Press the MICRO EXPRESS button to start the microwave cooking for 30 seconds on high power. Pressing the button again will increase the time by another 30 seconds.

  3. Press the MICROWAVE button if you want to adjust the power setting.

  4. Turn the dial to choose the type of food or the microwave setting. Push the dial to select.

  5. Choose specific weight, amount or size of the food being cooked if prompted to do so by the display screen. Press the START/PAUSE button to begin cooking with the microwave oven.