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How to Use the Flavor Wave Oven

Kittie McCoy

The Flavor Wave Oven is a cooking system designed by Thane Housewares. This product has been featured on TV infomercials and claims to cook foods three times faster than conventional ovens. The Flavor Wave Oven uses a combination of halogen heat, infrared waves and convection cooking to achieve these results. This product produces little external heat during cooking and will not heat up a kitchen the way traditional oven or stove-top cooking does.

  1. Place the base of the Flavor Wave Oven on a flat surface such as a kitchen counter or table. Place the liner pan inside the base. Push the handles down so that they lie flat on top of the pan.

  2. Set the cooking grid in the liner pan. This grid is designed to be reversible to provide two different heights during cooking. Place uncooked food onto the cooking grid.

  3. Set the dome on top of the food. The dome should fit into the base of the Flavor Wave Oven.

  4. Place the control assembly into the hole at the top of the dome. Turn the assembly clockwise until it locks into place.

  5. Press the COOK TIME button. Use the numerical keypad to enter the hours and minutes required. For instance, one hour and 20 minutes of cooking time would be entered as 120 while 45 minutes of cook time would be entered as 45. The display panel will show the selected cook time.

  6. Press the POWER button. The default power level of the Flavor Wave Oven is "Hi" or maximum power. The power level can be changed using the numerical keypad. Each number represents 10 percent of the Flavor Wave Oven's maximum power. For instance, pressing "1" would set the power level to 10 percent while pressing "8" would set the power level to 80 percent. Pressing "0" will reset the power level to "Hi" or maximum power.

  7. Press START to begin cooking. The Flavor Wave Oven will cook for the amount of time indicated on the display panel.