Flavorwave Oven Deluxe Instructions

The manufacturers of the Flavorwave Oven Deluxe say it uses a combination of halogen heat, infrared waves and convection cooking to cook food faster, but it retains its juices. Oils and fats are removed for healthier cooking. The company provides a cooking chart with the oven to guide you in selecting cooking times. Otherwise once you assemble the oven, using the oven only requires setting the cooking time and temperature.

Step 1

Place the base on a level surface.

Step 2

Set the glass tray inside the base. Lower the dual level cooking rack onto the liner pan.

Step 3

Set your food on the cooking rack.

Step 4

Set the transparent dome over the food on the base. Rotate the heater control assembly clockwise onto the dome until it locks into place.

Step 5

Press the "On/Off" button to start the oven.

Step 6

Press the "Level" button for express cooking. These preset levels range from one to four. Level one cooks for one hour, level two for 45 minutes, level three for 30 minutes and level four for 15 minutes. Push the "Start" button to start cooking at the selected level. Press the "Pause/Clear" button to stop cooking or to select a different level setting.

Step 7

Press the "Cook Time" button to select a specific cooking time. Move the "Start" button to the left or right to the set the minutes. Press the "Cook Time" button again to set the hour. Press the "Cook Time" button again to save the cooking time. Press "Start."

Step 8

Press the "Power" button to select the cooking temperature. Turn the "Start" knob to the left or right to change the temperature.

Step 9

Press the "Timer" button for delayed cooking. Turn the "Start" button to the left or right to set the minutes. Press the "Timer" button again to set the hour. Press the "Timer" button again to save the time.

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