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How to Troubleshoot Frigidaire Self-Cleaning Ovens

Michael J. Scott

Whether you bake all of the time, or just the occasional batch of cookies, problems with your oven can mean eating out far more than most people would like. Owner's of Frigidaire self-cleaning ovens should learn these basic troubleshooting tips before calling customer service.

Frigidaire recommends trying these steps anytime you have a problem with your oven.

  1. Make sure the oven is plugged in. All Frigidaire self-cleaning ovens must be plugged into a working outlet, so verify the cord is securely plugged in. Check to make sure the circuit breaker has not been flipped or fuse has not blown.

  2. Double-check your settings. Make sure you have the oven set on the proper settings for what you want to do. If the oven control beeps or displays an error code, press "Cancel" to clear the error and reprogram the oven settings.

  3. Clean your Frigidaire self-cleaning oven. Use a kitchen cleaner to clean the surface of the oven. If you are using a gas range with your oven, clean out the burners on the stove. Set the oven to complete a self-clean cycle, which typically takes between two and four hours.

  4. Make sure your Frigidaire oven is level. If you are getting uneven cooking or baking, it may indicate the oven is not level. When the oven is cool, place a carpenter's level on the oven rack. Adjust the leveling legs at base of range until the carpenter's level indicates the oven is level.

  5. Contact Frigidaire. If nothing else seems to work, it's time to contact Frigidaire. Make sure you try all of the previous steps before calling, as Frigidaire will ask you to try them before setting up a service appointment. Contact Frigidaire at (800) 374-4432, or go to www.frigidaire.com


Clean you Frigidaire oven on a regular basis to ensure peak performance.


Never attempt to repair an electrical or gas problem with your Frigidaire oven by yourself unless you are properly trained. Doing so will create a safety risk and void your warranty.