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How to Use a Samsung Classic Collection Microwave

When you need to cook food quickly and don't have the time to use a stove, or only have a small portion to cook, microwaving it can be the perfect solution. By using a microwave, such as a microwave from the Samsung Classic Collection, you can cook your food quickly and efficiently. Samsung provides general guidelines for the use of the microwaves in its classic collection, which you should follow before attempting to use one of these machines.

Microwaves should be useful and not just kitchen decoration.
  1. Use the Samsung Classic Demonstration Mode to check that your microwave is working properly. To see what the microwave will look like when properly functioning, press the "O" button, then press the "1" button. To stop Demonstration Mode, press "O" and then "1" again.

  2. Use the correct dish. You will need to put your food on a dish before placing it in the microwave, and only certain materials will work. Thick glass and ceramic dishes will work, whereas glass jars will not. Similarly, you can microwave food on a paper plate or even a paper towel. You can cover food with plastic wrap or small strips of aluminum foil to ensure that it cooks evenly. Be careful to make your strips no wider than 1/4 inch wide, however, or you may damage your microwave.

  3. Prepare your food. For food with taut skin, like potatoes or hot dogs, pierce the skin to allow excess pressure to release. Place unevenly shaped food, like chicken breasts, toward the outer edge of the Samsung Classic microwave's turning tray, as it will cook more evenly here.

  4. Choose your power. Samsung Classic microwaves will let you choose a power between 1 and 10, depending on how strong you wish the heat to be. To choose the setting, press the "Power" button, then the number you wish, then the "Enter" button.

  5. Choose the cook time. You can find guidelines in the manual accompanying your Samsung Classic microwave for how long you should cook a particular kind of food. To choose the time, press the "Time" button and enter in your desired cooking time in minutes and seconds (for example, for two minutes and 30 seconds, you would press 2-3-0).

  6. Press the "Start" button. This is on the right-hand side and should be the largest button on the control panel.

  7. Wait as your food cooks. For liquids, you may choose to stop the microwave halfway through the cycle to stir the food. Samsung Classic microwaves will cook food for a few minutes after the microwave stops, so allow your food to sit for at least three minutes before attempting to eat it.