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How to Broil With an Old Magic Chef Oven

Sabah Karimi

Magic Chef ovens are an American classic, and first became popular in the early 1930s. The newer models of Magic Chef ovens are not very different in construction and design of the original, and many people prefer these ovens for their nostalgic, antique look. The ovens are available in both gas and electrical versions, and allow the consumer to bake and broil with ease.

  1. Open the broiler door and roll out the broiler pan and the grid attachment.

  2. Prepare the broiler pan. Place the pan on top of the grid so that any grease can drain down directly into the pan. Make sure the pan fits properly on top of the grid.

  3. Prepare the food for broiling. Place the food on top of the broiler pan, and then place the pan in the broiler rack. Place food at least 3" away from the broiling element to ensure its cooked evenly and completely. Close the broiler door.

  4. Begin the broiling process. Press CUSTOM BROIL on the oven; the BROIL indicator light should turn on immediately.

  5. Set the temperature. Press START/ENTER so that the On and Temp indicator lights go on. You can adjust the temperature at any time after the timer has finished counting down (typically 5 seconds).

  6. Adjust the temperature. Use the up/down arrow pads to set the temperature between 300 and 525 degrees Fahrenheit at any time. Consult the broiling chart of the owner's manual to find out average cooking times for different types of foods (see Resources).

  7. Turn off the broiler. Press OFF/CANCEL to finish the broiling process. Remove the broiling pan with oven mitts or a dishcloth.