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Pampered Chef Clock Instructions

Vanessa Ryan

Pampered Chef is a direct selling company that utilizes parties and in-house demonstrations to sell higher-end kitchen tools and accessories. Offerings include information of food preparation and entertaining, as well as products such as cookware, cookbooks, cutlery and pantry items.

The Pampered Chef clock and timer is one of the standard items available, and comes complete with a magnetic stripe for your fridge, a belt clip and a flip-open stand.

Hosting a Show

If you enjoy entertaining and wish to receive discounts on Pampered Chef products, you can host a Pampered Chef show at your home for your family members and friends. When you host, choose from theme shows that feature different recipes like Italian, Mexican, desserts or comfort foods. Hosting gives you free products and largely discounted products, which is a great perk if you are a fan of Pampered Chef products.

Time of Day

A primary function of the Pampered Chef clock is to tell time. To set the time of day, press “Clock” and hold it down until you see the blinking dash on the display. Press Start/Stop to choose AM or PM, then press “0” to move the blinking dash over one space to set the time. Press the number keys on the front of the clock to set the actual time. Press the button that reads “12 hr-24 hr” on the back if you wish to display military time.


The Pampered Chef clock also has a timer that makes an effective oven timer for your baked goods or other dishes. To set the timer, press the “Timer” button, and then use the number keys to set the timer. Set the minutes and seconds, as an example “5-0-0” for five minutes. Press Start/Stop to begin the timer, and then again if you need to stop the timer, and yet again to resume. Press Start/Stop to stop the alarm once the countdown has finished.


If you require a stopwatch to time yourself for exercise or anything else, your Pampered Chef clock is equipped. To get started, press the “Count Up” button and then Start/Stop to start the timer counting up from zero. Press Start/Stop again to stop counting. Press the "Clear" button to erase your time to start over again.