How to Troubleshoot a Sony Dream Machine

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Wake up to a variety of options using Sony’s Dream Machine (released in 2006.) This FM/AM clock radio (model #ICF-C180) features a “Nap Timer” button, which allows you to sleep for a short period of time then wake up without any manipulation to your alarm settings.

The Dream Machine provides the option of waking up to either the radio, buzzer or a preset melody. You may encounter an occasional obstacle with the Dream Machine, whether it’s an alarm malfunction, power loss, or sound issues, which can be remedied with a few quick steps.

  1. Replace the backup batteries to your alarm clock if the time is flashing “AM 12:00,” indicating a loss of power by way of the AC adapter. The display will show the weak battery icon (a battery with a slash through it) if the backup battery needs to be changed. Be sure to use a CR2032 lithium battery, as a different battery type runs the risk of a fire or explosion. With the alarm clock still plugged into the wall by way of the AC adapter, put a sharp object (like the end of a paper clip) into the little hole next to the battery compartment (on the left side of the unit.) This will eject the battery tray. Continue to pull it all the way out. Remove the old battery from the tray and replace it with a new one with the “-“ sign facing forward. Place the tray back into the clock, and press the “Radio On” button (second round button from the right, next to the “Off” button.)

  2. Adjust your “A” and “B” alarm presets, if your alarm isn’t buzzing during the time you indicated. Reset the alarm mode. Press the “Weekend” button (located to the right back of the control panel) if you want to specify a weekend-only alarm function (the display will read “Weekend” if weekend mode is chosen.) If you want to set an alarm for weekdays, push the “Weekend” button again to deselect weekend mode (the indicator “Weekend” should vanish from the display.) Press “Alarm Set A” or “Alarm Set B” (the buttons located to the left and right of the display) and turn the “Alarm Time Set” knob to arrive at the desired alarm time. You’ll see the alarm time appear in box “A” or “B” depending on which alarm you’re setting. Press “Alarm Set A” or “B” to lock in the set time, then keep pressing to choose the desired alarm noise. Turn the “Alarm Time Set” knob to select either “Radio”, “Buzzer”, or “Melody”. Press “Alarm Set A” or “B” to lock in the setting.

  3. Rotate the “Volume” knob (located on the back right side of the device) if the alarm is activating but no sound is coming out. Turn the wheel toward the back of the device to raise the volume.