How to Program First Alert Timers

Matthew Thomas

The First Alert Timer is an energy-monitoring device that allows the user to determine when power will be used and for how long. By setting the timer to an exact time, you can save energy and money. With a few steps, you can control your power usage in and out of the house.

The First Alert Timer allows you to control how long your lights stay on at night.
  1. Rotate the dial to set the current time. AM is represented by no light. PM is represented by a light coming on.

  2. Press "Time Set" to finalize the current time.

  3. Rotate the dial to the time you want to begin.

  4. Press and hold the "On/Off" button to lock on the time.

  5. Rotate the dial to the time you want the timer to power down.

  6. Release the "On/Off" button.