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How to Use a KitchenAid Oven

Hollan Johnson

KitchenAid manufactures a large selection of home appliances, including ovens. KitchenAid ovens come in two varieties, gas and electric, but they both have the same set of controls in most cases. Like all ovens, they need a power source in order to work. Ovens are needed for baked goods, such as breads, pizzas and cakes. KitchenAid ovens will allow you to bake any of your favorite meals.

  1. Plug the oven into a power outlet. If it is a gas oven, contact your gas company and have them connect it for you. In many cases, you are not allowed to connect a gas appliance without the gas company, as you may not do it correctly.

  2. Pull out the oven racks and place them in the positions in which you want them. A low rack, central rack and high rack are typical positions.

  3. Press "Bake" on the KitchenAid oven and press the number keys to select the proper temperature at which you want to bake the food. When the proper temperature is reached, the oven will sound a chime.

  4. Place the food you want to cook in oven-safe cookware and place it on the central rack in the oven.

  5. Press "Timer Set/Start" twice. Touch the number keys to enter the amount of time you want to cook the food. Press "Timer Set/Start" again.

  6. Remove the food from the KitchenAid oven when the timer sounds or when the food is cooked.