How to Program the Remote Control for a Phantom 777CD Garage Opener

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Founded in 1921, the Overhead Door Corporation has since become one of the most well-known manufacturers of residential and commercial garage doors and openers in the United States. The Phantom 777CD is an ultra-quiet, belt-drive residential garage door opening system.

Before you can take advantage of your new Phantom garage door opener, you must program its remote control to be recognized by the system's power head unit.


If your Phantom 777CD garage door opener came with a multibutton remote, repeat steps 1 through 5 to program each individual button.


Avoid holding the garage opener remote too close to the antenna on the Phantom power head unit when programming the remote. Keep the remote at least 24 inches from the antenna to ensure successful programming.

  1. Take off the lens cover located on the back of the Phantom power head unit. Set the lens cover aside during the remote control programming process.

  2. Examine the front of the power head unit. Look to the bottom right corner of the unit to locate the "Learn Code" button and LED indicator.

  3. Push the "Learn Code" button to begin the programming process. The LED indicator light below the button will start to flash.

  4. Push the large button on the garage opener remote. The LED indicator light below the "Learn Code" button will stop flashing and glow solidly.

  5. Push the large garage opener remote button again to complete the programming process. Successful remote programming is confirmed when the LED indicator light turns off.