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How to Change the Combination on a Brinks Safe

Brinks safes, which are made by Sisco Products and are sometimes labeled under the “Honeywell” name, are designed for personal use. The safes are electronic and require the use of a code to open.

When the current combination on the safe is no longer wanted, selecting a new combination and changing the combination is a necessity.

  1. Open the safe using the current combination. The current combination is either the default numbers given with the safe or the previously entered combination.

  2. Press the memory button. The memory button is next to the safe’s lock and is red. Hold the button down until the keypad beeps.

  3. Enter the new preferred combination in numbers between 3 and 8 only, then press “B.” Listen for two beeps and watch for the LED light to illuminate.

  4. Keep the door open and press down the lock handle. Wait three seconds for the safe to lock.

  5. Type in the new combination in the safe. Press the letter “A” at the end of the combination. Turn the lock handle and test if it unlocks with the new combination. If it does not, repeat steps 2 through 5.