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How to Change a Digital Safe Combination

If you fear that someone has gained access to the combination of your digital safe or if you believe the current combination is not secure enough, you can change the combination. Digital safe combination locks are created with the intention of users selecting their own combinations.You can change a digital safe combination by understanding the proper buttons to push.

You can change a digital safe's combination.
  1. Enter your current digital safe combination on the keypad followed by #.

  2. Open the safe by pulling downward on the latch and pulling the safe door open.

  3. Push the red passcode reset button inside the safe door. Listen for the digital keypad to beep three times, indicating it is ready for you to enter your new passcode.

  4. Enter your new passcode on the digital safe combination keypad and press #.

  5. Listen for the keypad to beep three times, indicating you have successfully changed your combination.