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How to Attach a Safe to a Closet Shelf

Faith McGee

Safes give homeowners the peace of mind that valuables and important documents are taken care of and hidden. Make a list of what you want to put in your safe. Place all the items in a box, so you know what size of safe you need to purchase. Take the measurements of the box with you when you go safe shopping. By placing a safe in the closet, you have easy access to jewelry. In addition, it is away from the eyes of people that could be checking out your house through windows.

  1. Measure the shelf that you will be attaching your safe to. Most safe boxes weigh roughly 30 pounds. Check the wood to make sure it can hold the safe and your valuables. Use the measurements to purchase a stack-on strong box wall safe with an electronic lock. Make sure that the safe's body is pre-drilled and that it comes with attachments.

  2. Find an area on your shelving to attach the safe. The benefit of attaching a safe to a horizontal shelf is that it can easily be covered by clothes or fabric. In addition, most buglars look for safes that are attached on a wall rather then sitting on a shelf.

  3. Turn the safe over and measure the holes to know where to drill in the shelving. Mark the shelving with a pencil. Drill out two holes.

  4. Place the safe on the shelf and screw in the fastening attachments provided with the safe. Move the safe around to ensure that it is snugly attached to the shelf.

  5. Place your valuables inside the safe. Cover your safe with items that you have in your closet like papers, towels, linens, clothes or shoes. Remember to place the items back on the safe every time you remove anything from the safe.