How to Add an Additional Shelf to a Bookcase

Michael Bloom

Adding an additional shelf to a bookcase is among the best ways to expand display options inside a home. Whether for additional books, a clock, family pictures or keepsakes, an additional shelf will never go unfilled.

Time for more shelves.

With just a few simple steps and a minimal number of tools, a bookcase can be brought to life and add greatly to the overall warmth of the home decorations.

  1. Determine the placement of the shelf by measuring the height of the largest item to be placed on the shelf and adding 1 inch for easy placement and removal. Also add the thickness of the new shelf to the overall measurement.

  2. Measure down, from the shelf above, on both the front and back of the inner sides of the bookcase, and mark the distance. Connect the marks on each side using the carpenter’s square. Measure in 1 inch on each side along the line, from the back of the bookcase and the front of the shelf, and mark the spot with a pencil.

  3. Tap the nail in 1/4 inch at each spot and gently remove with the claw hammer.

  4. Select a drill bit that is the same diameter as the post on the shelf hardware. Use the masking tape to mark the bit 1/16-inch more than the length of the post. Drill to the leading edge of the tape at each nail hole.

  5. Bookcase shelf.
  6. Press the post of the shelf hardware into each hole and position the new shelf.