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How to Build a Cassette Holder

Lauren Vork

Even in an age of digital music, many people still enjoy holding on to older formats for nostalgic value. If you still have a prized collection of cassette tapes, keep them in good condition and easy to access by storing them in a dedicated holder.

Cassette tapes are obsolete now, but many people still have large collections.

A cassette holder shelving unit is a basic woodworking project with dimensions you can adjust depending on the size of the collection you need to store.

  1. Cut the plywood pieces to form the shelf using the table saw. Cut a piece measuring 15 inches by 22 inches for the back of the cassette holder, two pieces measuring 3 inches by 15 inches for the sides of the unit, and two measuring 3 inches by 24 inches for the top and bottom. Make a piece measuring 3 inches by 22 inches for the inner shelf of the unit.

  2. Create the frame for the holder. Use wood glue to attach the side pieces to the top and bottom pieces in a hollow rectangular frame 3 inches deep. Line them up so the pieces for the top and bottom are flush with the outside edges of the pieces for the sides. Clamp the wood and let the glue dry.

  3. Attach the back of the shelf unit to the frame using screws. Lay the frame flat on its 3-inch sides and lay the back piece over it. Screw the back of the shelf in place, driving the screws down and through the back piece into the edges of the shelf's frame. Use four screws on each side.

  4. Turn the shelf unit over and add the divider shelf piece. Line three of the edges of the shelf piece with wood glue and insert it into the middle of the shelf, parallel with the bottom and top pieces of the shelf. Let the glue dry.

  5. Attach the shelf pieces permanently with screws. Drive them from the back of the shelf. Use at least three screws on the back of the shelf piece and two on each of the sides.

  6. Sand the wood by hand using medium-grain sandpaper. Pay special attention to the cut edges of the wood pieces.

  7. Apply varnish to the wood according to the manufacturer's instructions.