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How to Add Locks to Ikea Drawers

Steven White

Ikea offers its own line of drawer safety locks under the Patrull series of products. These locks catch on the drawer and must be manually moved, decreasing the risk of children gaining access to unsafe items inside the drawer. The Ikea Patrull locks can be used on any Ikea drawers because of the side instead of top installation. As of the time of publication, Ikea does not offer add-on keyed locks for drawers, though a few units are available with built-in locks.

Step 1

Place a piece of tape on the back of the hook and catch pieces. This will allow you to test out the location before you start drilling.

Step 2

Set the catch piece inside the drawer about an inch from the edge.

Step 3

Set the hook piece on the drawer an inch down from the top and close the drawer. Open the drawer and make sure the two pieces line up. If not, change the location of the hook until it catches the catch piece.

Step 4

Mark the screw hole locations by placing a mark through the holes with a pencil.

Step 5

Remove the pieces and take the tape off the backs.

Step 6

Drill pilot holes for the screws.

Step 7

Place the pieces back over the screw holes and drill in the screws.

Step 8

Close the drawer and try to open it.