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How to Put Kerosene on Charcoal to Get It Started

Kent Page McGroarty

Many people prefer the taste of meat cooked over a charcoal grill than a gas grill, though charcoal grills are messier and smokier than the former. While you might think you can strike a match and the charcoal rocks under your grill will burst into flames, this is simply not the case. Rather, charcoal requires a little help to get the flames started, such as soaking it in kerosene before putting it to use. As with all flammable products, use caution while handling the kerosene and charcoal.

Keep an eye on charcoal grills, as charcoal burns quickly.

Step 1

Place the amount of charcoal you wish to use between pieces of newspaper. Hit the charcoal with a hammer until you have ground it into pea-size pieces.

Step 2

Use the bottom piece of newspaper to dump the charcoal into a large bowl. Pour kerosene into the bowl until you saturate all pieces. Leave the kerosene on the pieces for a couple of minutes to ensure complete saturation.

Step 3

Place a sieve over the bowl to drain the kerosene into a trash container. Use the kerosene-soaked charcoal as desired, such as in your grill or in a campfire.