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How to Hang a Banner Indoors

Karen Curinga

Whether you are planning to hang a trade show banner, an office banner or a "Welcome Home" banner, you have several options available for displaying a banner indoors. Determining the intended location for your banner is important because some methods of hanging leave wall marks; others need sufficient floor space. Weight and size must be considered as well as banner hanging equipment prices, which vary widely. There are also several different methods to keep in mind when making the appropriate display choice for your indoor banner.

Many options are available for hanging indoor banners.
  1. Hang your vinyl or fabric banner using clear, suction cup hangers. Press the hangers against the wall surface and place the protruding hooks on the suction hangers through the grommets on the banner. These temporary hangers stick to most surfaces and do not damage the wall surface.

  2. Pin your banner to the wall using push pins, if the banner is not too heavy. Place these inexpensive pins along the banner's top edge and corners and secure it firmly against the wall. Note that push pins leave small marks in the wall.

  3. Hang your banner using screws and washers, keeping in mind this is a more permanent solution and tends to leave marks on the wall. Hold the banner up to the intended wall location and make a mark on the wall through the grommet hole on each of the top corners. Place a screw through each grommet hole, then a washer behind the grommet and twist the screw into the wall at the marked spots.

  4. Suspend your banner from an L-shaped or X-shaped banner stand. These foldable stands sit on the floor and create support for the banner on the banner's back side using either an L-shaped or X-shaped aluminum brace. These stands typically accommodate banners up to 77 inches in height.

  5. Drape your banner over a pipe stand, if you are displaying a large banner. Pipe and drape stands are adjustable up to 50 inches in width and 96 inches in height. A carrying case is typically included.

  6. Affix your banner to a retractable aluminum banner stand. These handy stands generally expand up to 80 inches in height. As the name suggests, they are retractable and typically come with a padded carrying case for portable use.

  7. Hang your banner from an aluminum hanger attached to the ceiling. An aluminum rail attaches across the banner top. Connectors are used to suspend the aluminum rail from eyelets attached to the ceiling. This imparts a more sophisticated look than simply hanging the banner from the corner grommets.

  8. Tip

    All items necessary for your banner project are available at office supply stores or online.