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How Do I Open an H4100 Waterproof SentrySafe?

Irene A. Blake

The SentrySafe H4100 Waterproof Fire File, also known as the H4100 Waterproof SentrySafe, is a portable safe that protects paper hard copy files and electronic storage media, such as DVDs, CDs, memory sticks and USB drives, from many forms of natural and man-made disasters involving water and fire. It does this with a waterproof seal and fire resistant design. The safe protects against theft with a key access lock. As a result, opening your H4100 safe only requires the use of your safe’s matching key.

Step 1

Insert your H4100's key into the keyhole at the front of the safe.

Step 2

Turn the key counterclockwise.

Step 3

Press one hand down on top of the safe's lid while pressing in on the latch at the front of the safe to release the lid. Lift up on the lid to access the contents within.