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How to Open a BargainLocks Lock Box

Melissa King

BargainLocks is a provider of a various locking devices and security mechanisms, such as padlocks, door locks, lock picks and lock boxes. These lock boxes allow a homeowner, real estate agent or contractor to secure a house key inside it. When the proper combination to the box is entered, it opens, allowing the key to be retrieved. Lock boxes are secured using a variety of combinations, from four numbers up to twelve numbers. The combination may be reset if you have forgotten it.

Lock boxes add an extra measure of home security.

Step 1

Remove the faceplate from the lock box by pressing down on the silver tab at the top, then pulling the faceplate off.

Step 2

Turn the faceplate over. Slide the small lever in the middle down and to the right.

Step 3

Use the number dials on the front of the faceplate to change the combination to the new one. Turn the faceplate over again, and return the lever to its original position by pushing it to the left.

Step 4

Replace the faceplate by setting it back into the lock box. Press down on the silver tab while inserting the faceplate to lock it in place. Turn the dials to secure the lock.