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How to Adjust a Colonial Grandmother Clock

Matthew Anderson

A grandmother clock functions identically to a grandfather clock, but has a smaller, slimmer case design. Colonial Manufacturing Co., along with other manufacturers, primarily built these types of clocks during the 1920s. Adjusting a grandmother clock takes substantially less work than initially setting it. Due to the age and design of these clocks, you can damage the clock by incorrectly adjusting it.

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Step 1

Stop the pendulum with your hand. The pendulum stops easily, so you do not need to grab it. You could potentially damage the clock mechanism if you pull on the pendulum by accident.

Step 2

Push the minute hand on the clock gently clockwise a quarter turn or 15 minutes or less. Repeat this step until the clock is adjusted to the correct time. Do not push the hour hand. Do not push the minute hand more than a quarter turn at a time. You do not need to wait any length of time between intervals. You just need to make sure the minute hand comes to a complete stop before starting the next interval.

Step 3

Push the pendulum gently to one side and release it to start the clock again. It does not matter which way the pendulum is pushed.