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How do I Adjust a Schatz 1000 Day Clock?

Max Stout

The Schatz Clock Company introduced its 1000 day clocks in 1954. Mechanically, they operate in the same basic manner as the Schatz 400-day clocks in that they use an oscillating four-ball pendulum and a large mainspring. The Schatz 1000 day clock will keep very good time when properly adjusted and can actually run for more than three years on a single winding. Adjusting a Schatz 1000 day clock requires patience and a delicate touch; however with care, the clock owner can make the required adjustment with no tools other than a soft cotton cloth.

A 1000 day clock with four-ball pendulum.
  1. Remove the glass or plastic dome from the Schatz 1000 day clock. Hold the dome with both hands and lift it straight up until the bottom of the dome clears the top of the clock.

  2. Set the clock in an area free from movement or vibration. Make certain the pendulum lock is applied when moving. The lever that is used to lock the pendulum is located at either the front of the base of the clock or in the back of the base, depending on the model.

  3. Wind the clock fully by placing the key on the square winding shaft and turning clockwise until the key will no longer turn. Do not try and force the key beyond this point.

  4. Unlock the pendulum and check its freedom of motion. If it comes in contact with the base or other parts of the clock, adjust the three adjustable feet at the bottom of the base until the pendulum is suspended directly in the center of the base.

  5. Turn the pendulum in either direction lightly and release to begin operation of the 1000 day clock.

  6. Set the hands to two minutes past the correct time to give the pendulum time to reach and maintain its oscillation points. The Schatz 1000 day clock pendulum should oscillate 10 times per minute when its motion becomes stable.

  7. Replace the glass or plastic dome over the clock and gently rest it on the base of the clock. Allow 48 hours to pass before making time adjustments.

  8. Locate the round disc on the top of the 1000 day clock pendulum on which are a series of numbers 1 through 16. There are also two letters, an "F" and an "S," which indicate "fast" and "slow." Each increment between the numbers represents a time gain or loss of 30 seconds every 24 hours.

  9. Remove the glass or plastic dome from the Schatz 1000 day clock.

  10. Stop the pendulum motion and lock the pendulum by using the lock lever at the base of the clock. Hold the pendulum with one hand and with the other hand turn the disc toward the "F" or the "S" in the amount needed to bring the clock within the proper time cycle. Use a soft cotton cloth when handling brass parts to prevent corrosion.

  11. Unlock the pendulum by moving the lock lever at the base of the clock.

  12. Set the pendulum into motion by turning it one-half turn and releasing it gently.

  13. Replace the dome onto the clock with care.