How to Program a Light Sensor

Whitney Houston

A light sensor detects when a person or object moves in front of it and activates a light, which shines on a specified area. Sensor-activated flood lights help to keep the home safe and deter suspicious activity.

The light sensor system is controlled by a wall switch.

Once the lighting system and sensor are installed, you might need to know how to configure the unit to suit your particular purpose. You also should program and test the system correctly before leaving your home for extended periods.

  1. Twist the “Lite” and “Time” control knobs (located on the right and left side of the sensor base back) counterclockwise until they each point to “Test.” Twist the “Sens (Sensor)” control knob (located between the “Lite” and “Time” knobs) to its middle setting. Turn on the floodlight switch and allow the light a minute to warm up, then turn off. Move into the area covered by the sensor and the floodlight turns on. Stop moving and wait for the light to turn off. Do not move again, until the floodlight turns back on.

  2. Adjust the sensor to cover the area you desire. Aim the sensor down to narrow the sensor area, or aim the sensor up to broaden the sensor area.

  3. Twist the “Time” knob clockwise to lengthen the amount of time the floodlight remains on after the sensor is triggered. Twist the knob counterclockwise to shorten the time. The duration setting is usually between 5 seconds and 12 minutes.

  4. Twist the “Light” knob to the “Moon” icon to program the light sensor system to operate when the area is completely dark. This setting keeps the system off throughout the daytime. Twist the knob to the “Sun” icon to set the light sensor system to operate when the sun starts to set. The knob can be adjusted anywhere between daytime and nighttime activation.

  5. Turn the Sensor knob counterclockwise to lessen its sensitivity and to eliminate unwanted triggers. Turn it clockwise to increase its sensitivity. The sensor range can be expanded between approximately 10 to 40 feet.

  6. Turn the wall switch on to turn on the floodlight and activate the sensor. If you wish to bypass the system and keep the floodlight on, turn the wall switch on and off again within two seconds. Turn the wall switch off for 10 seconds and turn it back on to reactivate the sensor system.