How to Clean Linen With OxiClean

Nina Strange

OxiClean is a product that is not a laundry detergent but a laundry detergent booster. It claims to use oxygen, which is water-activated, to target specific stains and remove them better than using ordinary laundry detergent.

Fighting laundry stains can be made easier with stain-fighting agents like OxiClean.

While you may not know the chemistry behind cleaning sweat or makeup stains off your linens, the truth is there is a science behind it all. Several products claim to remove stains better and keep linens brighter. This can be done using OxiClean in your wash or as a pre-treatment or pre-soak depending on your stain treatment needs.


OxiClean works well in any temperature, but is most effective in warm to hot water.


Read and follow the manufacturer's care instructions for your garments and linens for appropriate water temperatures.

  1. Mix the OxiClean powder with water, using the directions on the packaging, and add the mixture to an empty spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly onto any stains to pre-treat and remove as much of the stain as possible. With the stain saturated completely, gently rub the stain until satisfied, then allow the stain to sit for up to 10 minutes before moving on.

  2. Pre-soak your linens with OxiClean powder and water mixture for tougher stains. Use one to four scoops of OxiClean powder to 1 gallon of hot or warm water, making sure the powder is completely dissolved. Leave linens soaking for one to six hours.

  3. Fill the washer with the proper temperature water for your linens for the in-wash treatment. Once the wash has reached the desired water level add your detergent and add OxiClean, as directed on the packaging. Allow the powder to completely dissolve.

  4. Add your linens and wash them as normal.

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