How to Build a Brick Circle

Don Kress

To build a brick circle fire pit in your yard, it is important to keep in mind not only the proximity that the fire pit is located to the house, but also how near the fire pit is to trees and low-hanging branches.

Brick fire rings make useful and inexpensive backyard additions.

Standard brick and mortar is used to create the brick circle fire pit, with between three and four courses of brick comprising the side walls of the pit. Tamp down the dirt securely on which the fire pit will be positioned, and there will be no need for additional foundation work.

  1. Pick a suitable location for your brick circle and lay the hula hoop on the ground to envision the size of the fire ring. Use the shovel to excavate the ground to ensure that it is flat and level.

  2. Pack down the soil within the confines of the ring firmly. On this packed ground is where you will place the mortar for the first course of brick. Mix one of the bags of mortar in the wheelbarrow with the rake, then use the trowel to empty it onto the ground inside the circle of the hula hoop. Tamp the mortar down gently, but don't worry about cleaning up the outer edges of the mortar. Just make sure that the top is straight and level.

  3. Place the first course of bricks onto the mortar so that the outside tips of each brick is even with outside diameter of the hula hoop. Tap each brick gently with the handle of the trowel to set it firmly into the mortar and to make certain that the bricks are even and level.

  4. Mix the second bag of mortar in the wheelbarrow and apply it with the trowel to the top of the first course of brick. For the second course of brick, each brick will be placed to bridge the division between the bricks below it. Continue using the hula hoop to ensure that the bricks are even and symmetrical.

  5. Mortar the top of the second course of brick as you did the first course, then add the third course in the same fashion that the second course was added. If you wish, add a fourth course of brick, as well.

  6. Mortar the top of the final course of brick as the previous courses were mortared, and then apply the cap brick to finish the installation of the brick fire ring. Allow the mortar to cure for one week before using the fire pit.