How to Lubricate Door Hinges

How to Lubricate Door Hinges. If your door gives you a squeaky greeting each time you open or close it, apply a bit of oil to the hinge.

Lubricate Door Hinges
  1. Buy some penetrating oil. It will come in either a small can with a thin spout or in a spray can with a thin plastic tube that attaches to the nozzle for very accurate spraying.

  2. Have a rag or paper towel handy to wipe off excess oil.

  3. Apply oil to the round pin located between the flat plates of a hinge. (When the door is open, the pin is halfway between the door itself and the jamb. The pin holds the plates together.) It's best to open the door and pull the pin halfway out of the hinge. Apply the oil into the exposed hole and onto the pin itself.

  4. Open and close the door until the hinge stops squeaking. Apply small amounts of oil at first, increasing the amount if squeaking persists.

  5. Push the hinge pin back into its original position.

  6. Wipe away any excess or dripped oil with your rag or paper towel.

  7. Tip

    Rusty hinges should be replaced.