How to Eliminate a Blister on Veneer Furniture

How to Eliminate a Blister on Veneer Furniture. Veneer is a narrow layer of wood that is glued to a piece of furniture. Over time this thin layer of wood can become easily damaged due to moisture and water exposure. Learn to eliminate blisters from veneer furniture.

  1. Protect the surface of the veneer by first covering it with a sheet of wax paper. Follow this with a piece of smooth cardboard on top.

  2. Heat an iron to medium high heat. Place the heated iron over the cardboard on top of the veneer blister, being sure not to touch the actual veneer with the iron. If there is more than one blister in a small area, run the iron back and forth across these areas.

  3. Remove the iron and pull up the wax paper and cardboard every few minutes to see if the blisters are flattened. Once they are flat, stop ironing.

  4. If the blister is large, cut a slit in it with an X-Acto blade or a single-edged razor blade. Cut the veneer with the grain of the wood and in the center of the blister. Don't cut too deeply. Place wax paper and cardboard on the blister and iron as in Step 1. If the glue underneath does not soften, place some carpenter's glue into the slit with the blade tip or a toothpick. Clean up any excess glue.

  5. Iron the veneer again, checking every few minutes. When the blister starts to lie down and the edges overlap, trim the excess wood with the blade. Continue to flatten the blister with the iron. Repeat the process of removing overlapping veneer and ironing until the blister is totally flat.

  6. Leave the cardboard in place and place a weighty object on top of the veneer for at least 24 hours. Polish and wax the veneer surface.