How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Practicing feng shui may help create balance in your personal space while allowing for the free flow of positive energy. One of the goals of the application of feng shui is the attraction of wealth and prosperity.

While painting your front door red or relocating your home office won’t instantly build up your bank account or assets, having a home in which you feel both comfortable and creative helps to create a solid foundation for personal and financial advancement.

The Entrance

  1. Paint your front door a deep shade of red to invite wealth and positive energy into your home. Tie three coins together with red string and place them underneath the welcome mat to further encourage prosperity.

  2. Position a jade plant, or another species with round, coin-shaped leaves, directly inside the foyer by the entrance. A Chinese money tree, also known as Malabar chestnut, bamboo and bonsai trees are all good options. Avoid cacti, as they’re believed to emit negative energy.

  3. Add a water feature, such as a small tabletop fountain, near the plant in the entrance to symbolize abundance. Small to large fountains, including wall-mounted fountains, and fish tanks are wealth-inspiring water features.

Wealth and Prosperity Hotspots

  1. Keep your stove and the area around it in pristine condition, cleaning the drip pans regularly. In feng shui, the heat of the stove represents fire, and fire is the element that provides the energy for an increase in wealth. The energy of the stove is infused into the foods that you cook, and dirt and debris hinder the flow and alter its purity. Increase wealth by installing a mirrored backsplash behind the stove to reflect the stovetop, doubling prosperity.

  2. Hang a large, rounded mirror in the dining area of your home, positioning it so that it reflects the tabletop and therefore the food. Creating a double image of the food with the reflection signifies a doubling of resources, increasing prosperity. Ensure that, when seated, the reflection of the people around the table is whole; a mirror that cuts off the reflection of a head encourages negative energy in the home.

  3. Situate your home office in the southeast corner of your home, which is known as the wealth area in feng shui. The energy-emitting products commonly found in home offices, including computers, increases the overall energy of the wealth corner. If a home office isn’t for you, use this space for your home computer or family room, complete with a television. Decorate the space in black and blue, the colors of abundance, with accents of red to increase energy.

Home Decorating Ideas

  1. Incorporate water features and plants throughout the rest of your home to encourage prosperity. As a pair, the water and plants feed off of each other, balancing energy. Corners are ideal for these features, preventing energy from becoming stuck.

  2. Reduce clutter throughout your house, tossing unused or broken items, focusing first on the southeast corner, the location tied to wealth and prosperity. Excess clutter blocks the flow of energy, creating a feeling of stagnation that limits growth in your career and finances. Eliminating old items also opens up space for new ideas and pieces, encouraging creativity and advancement.

  3. Walk through your home and note any areas where furniture blocks the natural footpath. Rework your furniture layout to maintain smooth, open transitions in each room and between connecting spaces.

  4. Tip

    Look closely at the steps leading up to your entrance door. If they’re noticeably steep, extend the steps to soften the slope. Steep stairs at the entrance allow money to flow quickly out of your home. Focusing solely on wealth and prosperity when utilizing Feng Shui practices creates an imbalance in the home. Incorporate stones or other natural elements in the bedroom to improve tranquility, situate seating so that the backs never face entrances to promote positivity and communication, and choose decor carefully, displaying only pieces that you love.