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How to Add an Inline Switch to a Lamp

An inline switch is a self-contained switch that can be installed on the cord of a lamp. This is useful if you have a lamp where it can be difficult to reach the knob on the base of the socket, like a lamp on a high armoire next to your bed. Who feels like getting out from under the covers to turn the lamp off?

Inline Switches

Here's how to install an inline switch closer to you-so you're all set!

  1. Before you begin the installation, unplug the lamp from the wall outlet. This is extremely important, as you will be cutting one of the wires on the cord during the installation of the inline switch.

  2. Remove the screws holding the inline switch together and open it up. On one side you should see a set of screw terminals. Across from the terminals you will see where the other wire will travel unaltered.

  3. Now find the ideal location on the lamp cord for you to install the inline switch. Hold the lamp cord over the side of the switch with the terminals. Now, as you can see, the lamp chord has a line running down the center of it. Use a sharp knife to gently separate the two sections of wire. Do not make the separation longer than an inch.

  4. With the wires separated, cut one of the wires in the center. Position the whole wire in its slot in the inline switch. You will see how the cut wire will line up with the two terminals on the switch. But even still, you may have to trim it a little more for a perfect fit. Just be careful you don't overdo it because you will be stripping some insulation away in order to make the connections.

  5. Use the wire strippers to remove about 3/4 inches of insulation from each end of wire. Twist the now exposed wire to help avoid any straggler wires. Loop one end around the nearest terminal and tighten down on the screw to hold it securely. Do the same with the other wire. Double-check the terminals to make sure that no wire strands are sticking out.

  6. Place the other side of the inline switch on top of the one with the wires. Make sure that the wires are snug in their slots without being pinched. Put the switch back together and tightly secure the screws in place.

  7. Plug the lamp cord back into the wall outlet. Flip the switch on the inline switch. If the lamp doesn't come on, turn the socket switch on. Once you have the socket switch on, leave it that way. From this point on you can turn the lamp off and on using the inline switch, while keeping nice and toasty under the covers!