How to Get Grass and Dirt Stains Out of White Sports Pants

Whether you are playing soccer, football, baseball or another sport, making contact with grass or dirt on the field is a common occurrence. As a result, your uniform can suffer from stains from scuffing the dirt or grass.

Sliding into home plate can cause dirt stains on your white sports pants.

To make your pants pearly white again and to get those stains out of your white sports pants, you will need the help of household clothes cleaning supplies as well as the persistence and perseverance of scrubbing.

  1. Spray a stain removal spray on the stained area and allow it to saturate for 10 minutes. After that time, scrub out as much of the grass and dirt stains as you can with a sponge and small amount of water.

  2. Prepare the washing machine with cold water and a laundry stain pre-soak solution. Add the normal amount of clothes detergent as recommended by the detergent company.

  3. Place the white sports pants into the washing machine and allow it to bathe in the machine for two to six hours. Do not start the washing cycle.

  4. Start the normal washing cycle after you have allowed two to six hours to pass. Once the wash cycle is complete, hang up the clean white sports pants so that they can air dry.