Installing a Water Pressure Tank

Installing a water-pressure tank will allow you to have even water pressure. It is a required part of a well system for proper operation. Following the proper steps, you can have a perfectly installed pressure tank.

By doing it yourself, you will save money and gain experience in servicing your well system when needed repairs arise.

  1. Install the check valve into the pipe that comes from the well, but before the pressure switch that is wired into your well pump. On the other side of the check valve screw on a pipe to go to the T joiner. Ensure the arrow on the check valve points toward the house pipe. This arrow indicates the flow of water; the pipe that comes from the well pump will always be behind the arrow.

  2. Screw pipe on the top of the T joiner to go to the pressure tank. On the other side of the T joiner screw on the pipe that goes to the house.

  3. Set your pressure tank in the desired location.

  4. Wrap Teflon pipe tape three to four times around the threads of the pipe.

  5. Screw the pipe into the pressure tank using your plumber's wrench. Then test for leaks by starting up the system.