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Troubleshooting a Wayne Shallow Well Pump

David Clair

Wayne shallow well pumps are designed for pumping potable water in wells where the water is less than 25 feet from the pump. If the well pump develops any problems, perform some basic troubleshooting steps. Troubleshooting will help identify the cause of the problem. For many common issues, the solution can be implemented by the owner.

Pump Will Not Run

Shallow well pumps are intended for use where the water is less than 25 feet from the pump.
  1. Check the power switch. Turn the power on.

  2. Check the circuit breaker box or fuse box. Reset any tripped circuits. Replace any blown fuses.

  3. Clean the copper tubing connected to the pressure switch to remove any obstructions.

  4. Allow the motor to cool. If the motor overload was tripped, it will automatically reset after it cools down.

  5. Take the unit to a service shop for repair if the motor hums but the pump does not run. It may be damaged internally.

Little or No Water

  1. Lower the suction pipe farther into the well. The water level may be below the pump intake.

  2. Perform the priming procedure. The pump needs to stay primed to function.

  3. Check piping for leaks on the well side of the pump. Repair or replace any leaking pipes.

  4. Check the nozzle for any obstructions or clogs. Clear any obstructions. Check the well screen for clogs. Clean the screen and remove any debris.

  5. Check the house piping for leaks. Replace or repair any leaking pipes.