Submersible Well Pump Lifespan

Erik Arvidson

There are several factors that may impact the lifespan of a submersible well water pump, including the pump’s duty cycle, size and quality of the motor, and the quality of the installation. Most are designed to last about 15 years, but certain parts may fail after only a few years.


A submersible well water pump is installed with drilled and bored wells to deliver water to the user. Typically, the pump is installed inside the well and a system of pipes rise vertically from the pump toward the building.

Life Expectancy

A submersible well water pump sits inside well water; the motor is kept cool and may help to prolong the life span of the pump. Submersible well water pumps that operate in low-sediment water may last 15 years, while those in high-sediment water may last only five or six years.


Many factors impact the lifespan of a pump. Pumps that only have to run a few times per day usually last longer than those used heavily. Pumps with larger electric motors are typically more durable. Pumps installed poorly may not last as long.


Parts of a submersible well water pump that tend to wear out include motor and pump bearings, check valves, control switches and the pump impeller.