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How to Unclog a Well-Water Pump

Krista Martin

Water wells use a submersible pump to lift water from the well. Submersible well water pumps should be cleaned out regularly to make sure the water intake is not blocked by the buildup of particles or debris in the water pump. When a water pump is clogged, it may limit or even cut off the water flow.

Water wells often use a submersible water pump.

Step 1

Go the electric breaker panel and flip the switch to the right, to the "On" position, to supply electricity to the submersible pump. Run the pump for five minutes, then shut off the power.

Step 2

Remove the submersible pump from the well and examine the pump for any obvious debris or clogs -- for example, if there is any vegetation hanging from the intake.

Step 3

Remove any debris that you can with your hand. Check the pump screen and make sure it is clean. You can scrub the intake and the screen with a wire brush to remove any debris that may be causing the pump to clog.

Step 4

Wipe the intake with a rag to clean and polish it. Replace the submersible pump in the well and flip the switch on the breaker panel to "On."

Step 5

Pour a gallon of bleach down the well and pump intake to thoroughly clean the entire well structure. Flush out the system by draining the well using the submersible pump. It may take up to two days to flush out the chlorine, as you will also have to flush out the water appliances in the home.