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How to Fix a Submersible Well Pump Clogged With Mud

Amanda Flanigan

It is not uncommon for submersible well pumps to become clogged with debris such as mud. A clog will interfere will the well pump's ability to function properly. Fortunately, clearing the mud from the screen and the intake will restore the submersible well pump back to working order. For best results, refer to your specific model of pump’s instruction manual for the correct clog removal procedure.

Step 1

Find the breaker that the submersible well pump is connected to and turn it off.

Step 2

Remove the pump from the well following the manufacturer's recommended removal instructions as stated in the owner’s manual for your specific make and model of submersible well pump.

Step 3

Examine the intake of the submersible pump for surface debris such as vegetation. Use your hand to remove the debris from the intake.

Step 4

Scrub mud off the pump screen gently with a soft-bristle scrub brush. Wipe mud off the pressure control switch with a cloth.

Step 5

Locate the tubing running from the well to the pump. Remove the tubing by gently pulling it off the well and the pump. Clear the tube by running water or blowing canned air through it. Alternatively, replace the tubing.

Step 6

Hook the tubing on the well and the pump. Switch the breaker back on.