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How to Bypass the Control on a Submersible Well Pump

James Clark

A submersible well pump, as the name implies, delivers well water from below the ground level, often with a secondary pump on the surface to boost water pressure for residential use. The pump is equipped with controls for switching the unit on and off, as well as pressure adjustments and timer settings, on some models.

If the pump turns on and off erratically, or not at all, try bypassing the control to isolate the problem. A defective control may be less hassle to repair than removing a submersible pump.

  1. Shut off electricity to the pump at the breaker box.

  2. Remove the screws on the box holding the pump control. Remove the box from the wiring attached to the back of the control plate.

  3. Loosen the screws holding the two wires to the back of the control knob or switch. These wires are typically red and black.

  4. Remove 1/4 inch of insulation from the end of each wire, if necessary, using wire strippers. Twist the ends of the two wires together.

  5. Wrap the wire splice with a piece of electrical tape. Use scissors to cut the tape roll.

  6. Turn on the breaker for the pump once your hands are clear of the control box. If the pump operates normally, the control box is defective and should be replaced.