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How to Back Flush a Shallow Point Well

R. Lynne

A hand-drilled shallow point well can provide homeowners with an economical water supply. Over time, you may notice reduced water flow coming from your well. To improve your well, you need to clean the well screen. Back flushing clears any accumulated particulates from around the screen. The most common way to back flush a shallow point well is surging, which forces water in and out of the well system.

Step 1

Attach the surge block to a section of PVC pipe. A surge block functions like a plunger.

Step 2

Insert the PVC pipe into the well casing. Lower the pipe until the surge block reaches the bottom of the well. Add additional sections of PVC pipe as needed and secure each section with vice grips. Leave 2 to 3 feet of pipe above the well casing.

Step 3

Connect a one-way valve assembly to the PVC pipe. Attach a 6 to 7 foot length of clear vinyl tubing to the valve assembly. Clamp the other end of the tubing to the side of a 5-gallon bucket.

Step 4

Raise and lower the surge block 2 to 3 feet at a time to draw water into the connecting tubing. Use a fast downward stroke and a slow upward stroke.

Step 5

Repeat the process until the water coming out of the well is clear.