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How to Backflush a Well Point

Tanya Khan

A well point connected to a hand pump supplements residential water supply and provides homeowners a sufficient amount of water. If you notice a reduced flow of water from the well or water full of contaminants, you need to backflush it clean. Backflushing, or backwashing, is a process that improves water flow and removes accumulated debris, dirt and particles from the top and around the screen. The most common means of backflushing a shallow well point is through surging, a process that pumps water and contaminants in the well.

Step 1

Insert the tip of a surge block into a length of 1/2-inch PVC pipe. The surge block performs the same function as a plunger. Ensure the handle fits tightly into the PVC pipe, so it doesn't come loose when backflushing the shallow well point. The length of the pipe depends on the depth of the well; the PVC pipe needs to be long enough to allow the block to reach the base of the well.

Step 2

Lower the PVC pipe into the well casing, extending it all the way through until the surge block rests on the base of the well.

Step 3

Attach an additional length of PVC pipe to the upper end of the previous length, so it protrudes 3 feet beyond the well casing. Secure the PVC pipe joint with vise grips.

Step 4

Slide an upper valve assembly over the upper end of the PVC pipe. Join a 5- to 6-foot length of 1/2-inch clear vinyl tube to the valve. Attach the other end of the tube to a 5-gallon white plastic bucket, using the clamp.

Step 5

Raise the surge block 3 to 4 feet above the base of the well, then lower it down to begin the process. Do this four or five times so it begins to pull water into it. Ensure the upper valve is closed so it doesn't draw out water.

Step 6

Open the valve assembly. Raise the block slowly and quickly lower it back into the well so it draws water and releases it into the joined tubing. Continue this process so water flows into the tubes. Raise the pipe slowly but lower it into the well quickly.

Step 7

Continue to raise and lower the block until the water in the tubing draws into the bucket clean and clear from debris and particles.