What Is Wallpaper Liner?

Wallpaper liner is a very thick paper that's subtly textured to go over walls that have severe flaws. The wallpaper liner goes on similar to wallpaper, only it's hung horizontally rather than vertically to help keep it strong.

What Is Wallpaper Liner?

Once the wallpaper is hung and has cured onto the wall it can be painted or wallpapered over, giving a smooth appearance of sheet rock underneath it.

Wallpaper Liner on Panaled Walls

Many homes built in the 1950s, '60s and '70s have old dark wood paneling that makes any room look dungeon-like. Instead of getting rid of all the wood paneling--only to have to hang sheet rock afterward--you can hang wallpaper liner over it instead. You can then paint or wallpaper over it and no one will know what lies beneath.

Wallpaper Liner Over Brick or Cinderblock

Removing brick or cinderblock can be nearly impossible in most cases. Those who are tired of the industrial look in their home can cover it up with wallpaper liner and give the living space a fresh look. The homeowner can paint or wallpaper over the wallpaper liner.

Wallpaper Liner Over Gouged and Peeling Walls

Often times when removing wallpaper, the glue that was used to keep it up will tear at the sheet rock, giving it an uneven look. Removing old brick can leave countless gouges. Wallpaper liner can make those troubled walls seem like new again.

Wallpaper Liner Over Existing Wallpaper

Those not wanting to take down wallpaper can hang wallpaper liner over existing wallpaper, so long as the wallpaper is on securely. If it begins to peel over time, so will the wallpaper liner that's placed over it.

Where to Buy Wallpaper Liner

Wallpaper liner can be purchased at any paint and wallpaper store, or any home improvement store. However, it may need to be special ordered, so check ahead of time.