How to Level Your Mobile Home Floor?

Anthony Smith

Over time, a mobile home owner may notice that the home has become out of level. This is usually due to the ground settling underneath the foundation of the home.

Level Your Mobile Home Floor?

Even a small shift in the underlying soil can cause gaps between the supports and the I-beams of the mobile home, leading to cracks in the walls, doors that close by themselves or windows and doors that bind and stick. Serious structural damage can even happen, so it is wise to re-level your mobile home as soon as possible. The steps below outline the procedure for leveling your mobile home floor.

  1. Locate one of the support piers near the center of the mobile home that has not sunk and is properly supporting the I-beam.

  2. Make what is known as a water level. Fill a container with water, add a little food coloring and mix. Have a helper hold one end of the tubing closed with his thumb, or you may use a small clamp. Fill the other end of the plastic tubing with the water to a point about 2 inches short of its capacity. Tap and shake the tubing to remove any air bubbles. Now hold your end of the tubing closed, also with your thumb or a clamp.

  3. Have your helper hold one end of the plastic tubing to the bottom of the correctly supported I-beam. The end of the tubing should be facing upward and the bottom of the meniscus of the water in the tubing should be lined up with the bottom of the I-beam. Then have your helper remove his thumb or clamp from the end of the tubing.

  4. Place the mobile home jack securely in place under the I-beam to be leveled.

  5. Hold the other end of the tubing next to, and above the bottom edge of the I-beam to be leveled. Position it in the same manner as your helper, with the end facing up, and remove your thumb or the clamp.

  6. Use the jack to slowly raise the I-beam until its bottom edge reaches the same level as the bottom of the meniscus of the tubing being held next to it.

  7. Slide pieces of hardwood lumber into the gap between the support pier and the I-Beam. Do not use soft wood such as pine. Add more pieces of lumber until the I-beam is supported in a manner that it stays at the same level as the meniscus.

  8. Repeat this process for each incorrectly supported pier and I-beam. Use the original correctly supported pier and I-beam as your reference point, and level the others one at a time.

  9. Tip

    Before finishing up the job, be sure to check any windows and/or doors that were not working properly as a double check of the leveling you have done.


    Always work safely and ensure the mobile home cannot fall by placing safety supports while you are working.