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How to Clean Nichrome Wire

Viktoria Carrella

Nichrome is the brand name of a resistance wire made of nickel and chromium. These metal alloys have a gray color, are corrosion resistant and a high melting point that reaches 1400 degrees C. Together, these alloys are highly resistant to oxidation.

Oxidation happens when oxygen is allowed into the alloys and causes corrosion. Nichrome is wound into coils of wire that are used in hair dryers, ovens and toasters.

  1. Remove the wire from the item it is currently inside of.

  2. Place the rubber gloves on your hands, or at least the hand that will be holding the wire. Hydrochloric acid can eat through most materials, and should only be used with good ventilation and extreme caution.

  3. Add hydrochloric acid to a small metal bowl.

  4. Hold the wire between the sides of the metal tongs, so that when you dip the wire, it does not drip any acid onto your skin. Dip the wire down into the acid and hold for three seconds. Remove the wire from the acid.

  5. Hold the wire with the metal tongs and dip into the acid again, this time only holding for one second. Remove immediately and hold in the tongs until the wire is dry.

  6. Warning

    Dispose of any item that comes into contact with the acid. If any silverware, bowls or dishes are affected by the acid, you must dispose of them immediately; do not use for eating, as this can be a fatal mistake.