Cornice Board Ideas

Window cornices bring class to any window design. They encase the uppermost section of your window framework covering curtain fixtures or rods. Cornices can be painted wood, wood stained, or covered in fabric, and are used in combination with hanging blinds or curtains.


If you want to create your own window cornice without using plywood, consider using Styrofoam. Measure the length of your window. Use these dimensions when you buy enough sheets of Styrofoam to create the length you need for your cornice. Styrofoam typically is sold in long sheets, or tubes. Home Depot sells insulation foam that is an inch or more thick. If the sheets are not long enough, they can be glued together with a hot glue gun and pinned for additional reinforcement. To create a smooth look, apply batting to the front of the Styrofoam. Carry the batting over the edges of the top and bottom of your cornice, and attach the batting securely to the back to create a nice rounded edge. Stretch your fabric over your cornice. Start by securing your fabric at the top center, and continue to move around the edges until your fabric is secured to your foam cornice. Pull the fabric tight so there are no seams or bowing in the fabric. Use hot glue, or pins to secure the fabric. When your cornice is complete, attach a 1’ x 3’ piece of wood to your wall using L-brackets to hang your cornice. Your cornice can be embellished by attaching colorful fringe, beads or lace. Styrofoam gives you the polished cornice look, with a light and less expensive alternative.

Cornice Board Kits

You can buy cornice board kits at diydecorator.com. A cornice kit includes all the items you need to create your own cornice using laminated wood. The laminated wood provides a professional look. Weight can sometimes be a problem for homemade cornice window treatments, but cornice kits from diydecorating.com weights about 20 pounds, which shouldn't cause problems. Simply measure the length of your window, add a couple of inches for window clearance, and you are ready to order a cornice kit.

Wood Cornice

Traditional cornice boards are constructed of wood. Wood cornices are stronger and have longer durability. Use fiberboard to cover the face of your wood in fabric, or use the wood as the look of your cornice by painting or nailing molding to your cornice. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you secure your cornice to the wall to anchor your cornice and avoid any safety concerns.