What Is Hardy Board Siding?

Joshua Kinser

Devoloped by James Hardie, Hardie board is a siding made of fiber cement. Cement is combined with sand, water and cellulose wood fibers to make a solid building material well suited for protecting the exterior of a building.

Hardy board is used as a siding for homes.

Advantages Over Wood and Vinyl

Hardie Board has many advantages over wood.

Hardie board is a non combustible alternative to wood and vinyl sidings. The cement-board siding is more durable and rot-resistant than wood. Increased impact resistance over wood and vinyl and this has made it a top choice for individuals living in hurricane-prone areas.

Insulation Properties

Special Hardie board is developed for colder climates.

The board is designed in two thicknesses, HZ5 and HZ10, to meet the different insulation requirements of the northern and southern United States.

The Look of Hardie Board

Hardie board simulates the look of wood.

Hardie board simulates the look of real wood. It is offered in vertical reversed board and batten, horizontal wood-simulated siding and shingle-siding styles.

Insect Resistance

Hardie board resists termites and other insects.

Resistance to insects is a major selling point of Hardie board over wood. Termites, carpenter bees and other wood eating insects do not eat cement fiber board.

Warranty Info

Hardy board has a 30 year warranty.

Hardie board comes with a 30-year warranty. This length of warranty is not possible with vinyl and wood siding.