How to Reduce the Glare of Fluorescent Lighting

Maxwell Payne

Fluorescent light bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and wattages. They can offer energy-efficient lighting for a variety of settings ranging from home to office and warehouse.

Despite the benefits of these types of light bulbs, some users experience glare when working under fluorescent lights. There are a few ways to reduce the amount of glare that comes off of these light bulbs.

  1. Attempt to reposition the light itself. You may try moving the lamp to another area of the room or another spot on the desk. For overhead lights, try to adjust where you are sitting to see if the glare is reduced.

  2. Purchase specially marked bulbs that have glare reduction coatings on them. For example, General Electric makes some compact fluorescent bulbs that are marked as "glare reducing energy efficient" bulbs. Replace older bulbs with these types of bulbs.

  3. Purchase and install lamp covers for fluorescent bulbs. Firefly Alternative Energy Group produces a line of lamp covers known as Lunet Light covers that are specially designed to fit over the compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) found in table top and desk lamps.

  4. You can also visit a hardware or lighting store and purchase regular and decorative overhead light fixture covers that change the brightness and reduce the glare of the lights. In the Resources section of this article, some examples are provided. r

  5. Tip

    If possible, turn off some of the lights not in use to attempt to reduce glare.