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How to Install Multiple Light Bulbs in a Single Electrical Socket

Rich Finzer

Adding additional light to a room can improve its livability. But it can be a challenge if the number or location of power outlets is limited. However, there is a method for adding additional bulbs to an existing lamp.

This modification will take only moments to do, requires no electrical-wiring skills, and can double the light output of a given lamp socket. Best of all, the component needed is quite inexpensive and readily available.

  1. Remove the harp finial, shade, and light bulb from the lamp. Set them aside. The lamp socket is now empty.

  2. Install the two-lamp socket adapter in the lamp socket. Screw it in exactly as you would a light bulb.

  3. Reinstall the light bulb you removed earlier, and add a second bulb to the second socket.

  4. Reattach the shade and harp finial to the lamp. You now have twice the number of bulbs being powered by the single socket in the lamp.

  5. Warning

    As you add a second bulb to the lamp, be certain that their combined wattage does not exceed the manufacturer's recommendations.