How to Replace a Frigidaire Freezer Bulb

Irene A. Blake

The light bulb in your upright or chest style Frigidaire freezer, just as with a Frigidaire refrigerator, serves the simple purpose of illuminating the stored frozen foods within. Replacing a burnt out bulb requires no special tools. As with any electrical appliance, you must shut off the power to prevent electrical shock. Exchange the old bulb with a new one approved by Frigidaire for use in the freezer.

  1. Open your Frigidaire freezer door or lid.

  2. Turn the temperature control knob to the "Off" position.

  3. Disconnect the freezer from the wall socket.

  4. Unscrew and remove the light bulb. Set the bulb aside for disposal.

  5. Screw in the replacement bulb.

  6. Reconnect the freezer to the wall socket.

  7. Return the temperature control knob to its previous setting.

  8. Close the door or lid.