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How to Get Acrylic Paint Off Walls

Corey M. Mackenzie

Acrylic latex paint is popular for walls because it is easy to use and clean up. But once paint remains on walls for a long time, it becomes a bit more difficult to remove. However, the right tools, combined with the right paint-removing chemicals (preferably, the newer, safer chemicals), can greatly cut down the time and effort you put into acrylic paint removal.

  1. Ventilate the room by opening a window and turning on a fan. Place plastic sheeting or a drop cloth on the floor to protect other surfaces from any drips. Wear protective gloves and glasses.

  2. Open the lid of the bucket of paint stripper. Dip the brush in the paint stripper, coating it well.

  3. Spread a generous layer of the acrylic paint stripper over the wall. Start at the stop and brush downward to the base of the wall. Repeat until the whole wall is covered.

  4. Allow ample time for the stripper to loosen the paint. The amount of time will vary by product, but plan for this taking a few hours.

  5. Cut along the top edge of the wall (where the wall meets the ceiling) with the scraper. Push the scraper under the paint layers and begin to peel the paint off.