How to Add Colored Paint to Kilz

Kilz is a painting product that covers stains and prepares a surface for painting.

Stained walls require a primer base before the final color is applied.Stained walls require a primer base before the final color is applied.
There are several varieties of Kilz available including water-based and the original oil-based primer. According to the company, the product hides stains left from grease, water, pet stains, tannin and smoke. Kilz is available in a spray can which cannot be tinted after manufacture. The product is also available in gallon cans, ready to be applied with a paint brush or roller.

Inspect your wall. Take a paint scraping to determine the type of paint already on the wall. Oil-based paint on the wall requires an oil-based primer, while latex paint should be covered with a latex primer. Choose the product that works with your wall.

Bring a sample of your chosen paint color to the hardware store. For best results, Kilz recommends that the product be tinted one shade lighter than the final paint color. Most hardware stores have the ability to computer analyze the paint color for matching.

Add the chosen amounts of universal colorant to the Kilz. Add up to 2 oz. of colorant per gallon.

Mix the Kilz thoroughly.

Things You Will Need

  • Universal colorant
  • Paint mixer


  • Mix the primer again just before using to ensure that the color is uniform throughout the entire can.
  • If more than one can of tinted primer is used, mix primer from the second can when the first can is only half used. This keeps the color stable throughout your project.


  • If using an industrial paint mixer, hammer the lid onto the gallon can to prevent spilling.

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